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Myron “Chy” Dukes aka Chy Bingy combines his love for Hip Hop Culture, Music, Technology, Sports, Film, Art, and People in all of his works. A trained writer with a unique resume, he also loves filmmaking. He has written a novel, short plays, and co-wrote screen plays for music videos & short films. “I believe our short film/ documentary “THE MICHAEL CRAWFORD & MAGA HAT EXPERIMENT ➡️🎬 🎥📺 ⬅️ helped clarify some serious misconceptions prior to the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election. That was very important to us.” His only music video “KILLA KODE OF KONDUCT” is an underground cult classic ➡️ 🎶🎵🎥📺 ⬅️ “There should be meaningful messages in your art. But it should never be forced.” 🙏🏾📧

Chy Dukes