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Michael Jai White signs deal with PLANNK Studio

Michael Jai White has signed with Plannk Studio to launch his first training app for martial arts students. This platform will allow members to train with him and learn the various techniques that propelled him to be the Number One Martial Arts Action Star in the US.

Students from all levels can benefit from the app, which will serve as a tool to enhance their skills and supplement any formal training they may already be enrolled.

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Plankk Studio

Plankk Studio is your digital anytime, anywhere gym powered by Plankk’s Partner Influencers. Users can stream live and on demand fitness classes from wherever they are and have access to over 1,000 on demand classes, with more added daily. Think of Plankk Studio as your Netflix for health and wellness with one key difference -- the ability to stream LIVE classes from anywhere in the world.

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