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JAIGANTIC Studios @ The Big Connect Business Expo 2021!

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

On Thursday, November 18th in Downtown New Haven, at the Big Connect Business Expo, Jaigantic Studios held a presentation from 9 am-10 am explaining the studio's mission and design/ business model showcasing the trajectory planned for the studio's developments.

From the hours of 11 am-4 pm, Jaigantic and the crew also demoed the technical aspects of the virtual reality sound-staging that will be coming to the studios early next 2022 making for state of the art and pioneering filming methods.

The demo was set up with motion tracking dots on the ceiling of the set that then sync to a wireless receiver that gets plugged into the camera so as tracking shots occur the imagery displayed on the LED panel walls move in relation to the subject. The imagery was showcased in a corner setup utilizing two LED Walls consisting of 15-30 panels a wall (which will become curved, a full 360 degrees with a domed ceiling that can also display image/animation, with the studio's integration of the tech.)

Lastly, but not certainly not least, the program used to create and display the imagery was presented in/ by Unreal engine 4 (usually used for computer animation and graphics in video game development) and the coolest part was that the backgrounds used within the demo of the VRS were all created by Jaigantic's very own "Jack of all trades" Donovan De Boer.

Incredible tech incorporated into an incredible and very inspiring presentation that I am sure to have sold the city, people, and businesses of New Haven on solidifying Jaigantic Studios into the state of Connecticut!

(Article and photos courtesy of Preston Martinik, @p.m._prod)

WTNH News Channel 8

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