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Jaigantic Studios, HEROES WANTED

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

On Wednesday, October 6th, Jaigantic Studios hosted an informational session for creatives seeking careers within the film and television industry.

A spokesperson for the studio, Devin White, said " I am amazed at the magnitude of interest we've received in the past two weeks. Applicants from across the country and as far away as Tanzania have shown interest in our event."

More than 300 people sought tickets to the event - and Camille Wilson made the trip to Connecticut from all the way from Atlanta, GA. Due to covid restrictions, we were only able to accommodate half of the requests.

Jackie Buster, Jaigantic's Chief Impact Officer presented an overview of Jaigantic's mission and laid out potential career and training opportunities within the industry.

Next, we presented attendees with a highlight reel featuring a few of the numerous titles The Jaigantic Creative Team has contributed. Titles include Sylvies's Love, Power Book III: Raising Kanan, Black Dynamite, Welcome to Sudden Death, The Princess Diaries, and Curb Your Enthusiasm, just to name a few.

"Production Assistants are the first rung of the ladder for most people working in the industry. The fact that hundreds of people are seeking this position speaks to the demand for jobs within the State of Connecticut," said Buster.

Jaigantic's COO, Mayne Berke, a filmmaker of over 45 years, spoke about the level of commitment, passion, and drive needed to survive in the industry. A prospective P.A. asked Berke, "What is the most important thing you've learned while working in this business?". Berke responded with, "Above all, you have to be a team player."

As the Q&A session continued, creatives got answers to questions about Jaigantic's plans to build additional soundstages and opportunities for internships, pre-apprenticeships, and apprenticeships.

The Heroes Challenge

The Creatives were charged with forming and naming their respective teams and were given one hour to speed-network to share their creative interests and skillsets. Then, the Jaigantic team gave each group instructions to choose a hero-worthy person, company, or product from Connecticut. Teams have four weeks to complete the project and can use any of the following mediums to accomplish the task:

Final submissions must be received by November 5th at which time the Jaigantic Team will review the Hero Stories and select the most impactful campaigns. The selected stories will be featured on Jaigantic's website, social media, and for recruitment efforts.

After an evening of vigorous discussions and enthusiastic networking, teams were formed, relationships started and the process for creating magic had begun.


Interviews will be scheduled for stand-out crew members for potential employment and apprenticeship opportunities.

Stay tuned for updates about The Heroes Challenge.

"Hello Jaigantic Studios Team,
Just wanted to formally express in an email how grateful and appreciative I am for your presence here in Ct. Yesterday’s event was simple, but gigantic for all the creators invited. Not only have you inspired a local community, but you also created a challenge that ignites people’s passion to rise to the occasion now presenting itself. Thank You. "
Joshua Aponte (featured above wearing the striped shirt)

All photos taken by Jaigantic Studio Manager, Kaiya Lawrence

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