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Behind The Scenes | Jaigantic Heroes Workshop

(Photos by Studio Manager, Kaiya Lawrence)

The Heroes Workshop is a hands-on cinematography class held two days per week, led by Jaigantic's Director of Photography, Keith Smith.

Classes are made up of participants from the Jaigantic Heroes Challenge.

The sessions focus on cinematography but also touch on production design, screenwriting, sound, hair, and makeup.

The students are currently working on a coming-of-age revenge horror short film called "Flute Man", written by a fellow class member, Cecilio Pepe Vega.

The class collaborated to re-interpret Vega's script into an episodic series while learning the process of prepping, scouting, blocking, pacing, rhythm and working with equipment. They are now filming the pilot episode.

Presently, classes are open only to those who participated in the Jaigantic Heroes Challenge but make sure to subscribe to be the first to know if and when we have availability for new members.

More to come...