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The multi-talented star is an actor, martial artist, director, writer, and producer with plenty of new projects on the horizon.

This year looks especially promising for White, who currently stars in BET's Kingdom Business as well as directing, writing, and starring in The Outlaw Johnny Black set to release in theatres later this year. White will also launch a fitness app for fans and fitness enthusiasts alike, a project he is proud to share. This should not be a surprise coming from the star whose martial arts background has taught him the advantages of adaptability, focus, and discipline, and is something that has come in handy in his career....




EXCLUSIVE: Michael Jai White (The Dark Knight), ABM Sumon (Dhoka) and Matt Passmore (Jigsaw) are among cast joining Frank Grillo (Captain America) in Asif Akbar’s spy thriller MR-9, which is now underway.

Grillo’s son Remy Grillo will make his acting feature debut on the project which is shooting in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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Jaigantic Studios has acquired Hawthorne Books and Literary Arts. The imprint will target manuscripts with the goal of finding projects potential for film and TV content.

“This is a marriage made in heaven,” said Rhonda Hughes, the publisher at Hawthorne.


The company, which is headquartered in Portland, Ore., has optioned several projects in the past. That includes selling the rights to Monica Drake’s “Clown Girl” to Kristen Wiig, and optioning Lidia Yuknavitch’s “The Chronology of Water: A Memoir” to Scott Free, which has tapped Kristen Stewart to adapt and direct. Hawthorne has also published Academy Award nominated screenwriter Anthony McCarten’s novel, “Brilliance.” McCart

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CT Insider


It’s been a while since libraries were sanctuaries where silence reigned. The librarian stereotype - an older woman “shushing” anyone talking, sneezing or rustling a newspaper, as patrons read solemnly at separate tables - is as outdated as microfilm."....

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New Haven Biz


"Plans for a movie studio complex to be built in New Haven’s River Street district are poised for  major milestones in coming weeks as developers finalize a deal with the city for land and seek approvals for the project. 

Jaigantic Studios, a film production company created by actor Michael Jai White, is close to finalizing a development and land disposition agreement (DLDA) with New Haven for city-owned property at 46-56 River St., according to Deputy Economic Development Administrator Carlos Eyzaguirre. Once finalized, the DLDA will go to the Board of Alders for review"...

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New Haven Register


"The backers of a planned new movie studio in Fair Haven are pushing ahead with plans to transform the derelict industrial River Street waterfront into a revitalized creative arts district.

Higher-ups at Jaigantic Studios offered that update Wednesday morning during the latest monthly meeting of the city’s Development Commission. The virtual meeting took place online via Zoom. 

Jaigantic Studios business consultant Donna Lecky and CEO Donovan De Boer presented to the commissioners a detailed update and overview of the self-described ​“mini-major studio’s” ongoing efforts to build 25 new soundstages in Fair Haven across two phases of development. 

They said the project should take over $200 million to complete, and claimed it would result in thousands of jobs along with movie-and-TV-production-related economic development. "

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Arts Council of Greater New Haven


"Michael Jai White’s whole life changed when someone walked into his school and told him about professional opportunities that were open to him. Now, he’s working to do the same thing for New Haven’s youth as he builds a film studio in their city.

White—the actor, martial artist, and creative force behind Jaigantic Studios—brought that story to the new Stetson Branch Library Saturday, in an effort to connect with some of New Haven’s youngest creatives. As he spoke from the Dixwell Avenue space, he charted his own path from Bridgeport to Hollywood and back to Connecticut, where he is now working towards a “creator studio district” on River Street..."

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New Haven Register


"Over the summer, city officials told the management team of economic revitalization plans on River Street, including bringing movie production studio Jaigantic Studios and two breweries to the area. The popular local New England Brewing Co., however, backed out of discussions and announced it instead would relocate to West Haven. The CMT’s drafted letter bemoaned the city’s communication around the issue."...

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News Channel 8 WTNH


“That really is the theme of this event, finding you’re groove in a new era,” explained Garret Sheehan, President, and CEO of the Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce. “What we’re talking about is, things have changed. It hadn’t gone back to what normal was. So how do you settle in and make sure your business is successful?”

Especially if you’re a new business. Action movie star Michael Jai White, who played Spawn, is opening up Jaigangtic Studios in New Haven.

“The idea of bringing this industry back,” said White, “the idea of trying to shoot a here was always in my mind."...

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New Haven Register


NEW HAVEN — As one developer moves on, another could potentially fill the breach.

Asked whether Jaigantic Studios wanted to acquire the estimated 8 acres on River Street that the New England Brewing Co. has decided it likely wants to pass up, Jackie Buster, chief impact officer for the studios, was excited."...

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Arts Council of Greater New Haven


"Jackie Buster, Donovan de Boer, Mayne Berke and Grant Gilmore stood beside an open lot on River Street, thickets of grama grass and overgrown mugwort swaying in the hot air. Down the street, the former Bigelow Boiler Company stood vacant with bright graffiti and windows boarded up like teeth. Dirtbikes and ATVs growled nearby. Conversation bubbled up from the auto body shop across the street. "...

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Yale Daily News


"A new brewery is slated to open in New Haven this January — but only after fierce debate throughout city government.

On Sept. 29, after hours of debate, the New Haven Board of Zoning Appeals granted Armada Brewing the final approval needed to develop its new property at 190 River St. John Kraszewski, Armada Brewing’s owner, started the company in 2012, brewing beer on his stove and selling to restaurants from his car. Since then, Armada has primarily worked as a distributor, without its own tasting rooms. But now, after facing off against developer Jaigantic Studios for the past few months, Armada is preparing to open a tap room and brewery on River Street "...

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Arts Council of Greater New Haven


"State Rep. Robyn Porter at Friday's press conference. "Black and Brown people, what do we talk about?" she asked aloud Friday. "We lift as we climb. And we got a brother, Michael Jai White, who is doing that. This is his vision. From where he came from. He's coming back to his community and lifting as he climbs." Lucy Gellman Photos.

Jaigantic Studios isn’t going anywhere. Its employees are ready to get to work in Fair Haven—as soon as it has finalized its agreement with the city.

Representatives of the movie studio delivered that message Friday afternoon, in a small, sun-dappled press conference outside Jaigantic’s proposed development at 46/56 River Street. The event followed a contentious Board of Zoning Appeals meeting Wednesday night, in which supporters of the studio spoke in opposition to Armada Brewing’s proposed brewery and taproom at 190 River St."...

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New Haven Independent


"A contentious hours-long public hearing ended with a craft brewer winning his final needed city approval to set up shop on River Street— and a host of questions raised about a movie studio that tried to box him out.

That was the result of Wednesday night’s Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) meeting, which was held online via Zoom."...

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New Haven Register


"NEW HAVEN — Armada Brewing has won a pivotal approval to manufacture beer and open a taproom in Fair Haven, despite a hard push to delay the matter.

John Kraszewski, the owner of Armada, was granted the special exception by the Board of Zoning Appeals for the business at 190 River St. as close to 60 people watched the proceedings ths week, with many testifying on the Zoom platform."...

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Southern News


"Jaigantic Studios is planning to plant its roots in the Fair Haven community of New Haven. The studio is head by actor and Southern Alumni, Michael Jai White. The CIO of the project is also a Southern Alumni, Jackie Buster."...

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Arts Council of Greater New Haven


"Silvelena Martin danced between dishes, pointing out brown stew chicken, rice and peas, oxtail and curried vegetables as her hands sailed through the warm air of her restaurant. Every so often, she looked back through the plexiglass barrier to make sure her unexpected Friday customer, the actor and martial artist Michael Jai White, was still standing there."...

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New Haven Register


"Diane Brown, the nationally recognized New Haven librarian, was all in as she listened to Michael Jai White describe his ambitious plans to develop a film hub in Connecticut.

She was among about 100 people who the actor, director and writer told about virtual technology, as a “game-changer,” and his plan to introduce young adults to the wide-range of jobs in the industry through a pre-apprenticeship program."...

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Fast Company


"Early in Michael Jai White’s acting career, a powerful executive gave him a frank assessment."...

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New Haven Biz


"With big-screen Hollywood flair, the team behind the proposed Jaigantic Studios movie complex in New Haven introduced themselves to the state’s arts community on Tuesday night"...

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Eyewitness News 3 WFSB


"A Connecticut native who made it big in Hollywood is now bringing a slice of the silver screen to his home state.

Actor Michael Jai White, who grew up in Bridgeport and went to Southern Connecticut State University, is launching Jaigantic Studios.

He’s currently set up in Shelton, but the plan is to build a large scale, state of the art studio in New Haven, with a number of sound stages."...

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News Channel 8 WTNH


" A little bit of Hollywood is coming to Connecticut and the leading man behind the project is Michael Jai White — an actor, director, and writer from Bridgeport"...

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New Haven Independent


"Promoters led a tour of an abandoned industrial stretch of Fair Haven to push a vision for a new ​“creator studio district.”

The tour for local residents and stakeholders was led Tuesday afternoon on River Street by representatives from Jaigantic Studios, which currently operates out of Shelton. The team has been shopping around a plan to move and potentially greatly expand the studio to create a film district the size of Paramount Pictures.

They are seeking government grants and tax breaks, they said, to build 50,000 square feet of backlot sets, 25 energy-efficient soundstages, and an assortment of offices, dining options, and retail spaces on River Street within 5 years."...

Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 9.54.48 AM.png

Arts Council of Greater New Haven


"Twenty-five energy-efficient sound stages with 100 employees working at each. A movie theater, outdoor stage and event center. An apprenticeship program for New Haven Public Schools students and nearby skate park, walking path and citywide film festival. A River Street “creator studio district,” in the heart of a bustling Fair Haven."...

Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 9.50.29 AM.png

Arts Council of Greater New Haven


"Jackie Buster, Donovan de Boer, Mayne Berke and Grant Gilmore stood beside an open lot on River Street, thickets of grama grass and overgrown mugwort swaying in the hot air. Down the street, the former Bigelow Boiler Company stood vacant with bright graffiti and windows boarded up like teeth. Dirtbikes and ATVs growled nearby. Conversation bubbled up from the auto body shop across the street. "...

Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 9.38.37 AM.png

New Haven Independent


"Two visions to revive long-abandoned industrial stretches of Fair Haven clashed, as a potential new brewer and a potential new movie production company sought support of neighbors.

One vision: A new media “creators’ district” where local people can walk to well-paying media jobs and internships at a flagship film production studio that could train and employ hundreds.

A second vision: A craft brewery district drawing beer aficionados and other out-of-New Haven tourists for partying and celebrations."...

Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 9.32.35 AM.png

New Haven Independent


"Michael Jai White brought a message to movers and shakers: Help me make studio opportunities for the community in my latest venture.

The actor, producer, and writer issued that call at a“meet and greet” hosted by New Haven State Rep. Robyn Porter and State Sen. Gary Holder Winfield held at Newhallville’s Ivy Narrow Bird Habitat on Sunday evening. The event was organized by the state legislature’s Black & Hispanic Caucus."...

Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 9.46.23 AM.png

New Haven Independent



New England Brewing Company, outgrowing its space in Woodbridge, is negotiating to move to Fair Haven and set up production and taproom and event facilities with a scenic view of the Quinnipiac River.

Down River Street, the up-and-coming media production company Jaigantic Studios is also in negotiations to buy city land to set up headquarters.

The potential result: a“one-two” jobs and tourism revival punch for the long-struggling River Street Municipal Development district."...

Screen Shot 2021-12-03 at 4.07.34 PM.png

The Patch


"It's been 20 years since the city created the River Street Municipal Development Plan. The industrial area of Fair Haven remains pockmarked with the remnants of a bygone industrial era but is also peppered with newish light industrial sites."...

Screen Shot 2021-12-03 at 4.05.52 PM.png

The Stamford Advocate


"Thumbs up (mostly) to more news of New Yorkers flocking to Connecticut in the past year. While Litchfield County towns such as Roxbury and Washington have seen big gains, larger communities including Shelton and Trumbull have also recorded growth. A growing population is a prerequisite for a growing economy, and the only way to build on the gains of the past year is to continue these trends. Unfortunately, some communities are not as welcoming when it comes to housing construction, which is necessary if we want new arrivals to have a place to live. Multifamily housing in the suburbs is something to be embraced."...

Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 9.27.29 AM.png

The New Haven Register


"For New Haven, it could be “gigantic.”

In fact, it is part of the name.

The city is working on a memorandum of understanding and a land disposition agreement to bring Michael Jai White’s plans for Jaigantic Studios to River Street, according to officials."...

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The Patch


"Michael Jai White is opening a film studio, with operations starting in Fairfield before making the move to New Haven, the New Haven Register reported.

Born in Brooklyn and raised in Bridgeport, White attended Southern Connecticut State University.

A director, writer and martial artist, White posted Friday that he will be launching Jaigantic Studios, described as Connecticut's first "mini-major" studio."...

Screen Shot 2021-12-03 at 4.20.13 PM.png

Paste Magazine


"Martial arts and action movie luminary Michael Jai White announced this week that he’s officially launching his Jaigantic Studios venture in his home state of Connecticut, with a slew of projects coming down the pipeline in the near future. The mini-major studio has a western starring White, The Outlaw Johnny Black, in post-production now, set to release later this year. But what’s sure to grab fans’ attention most is a promised sequel to the beloved 2009 blaxploitation satire Black Dynamite, which also starred White."...

Screen Shot 2021-12-03 at 4.21.28 PM.png

New Haven Register


"Actor, writer and director Michael Jai White, who has Connecticut roots, announced Friday that he and a team of film industry veterans will launch what is being termed the state’s first “mini-major studio” for television, film and other commercial projects."...

Screen Shot 2021-12-03 at 4.25.38 PM.png

The Patch


"Michael Jai White is opening a film studio in New Haven this summer, he announced on social media.

Born in Brooklyn and raised in Bridgeport, White attended Southern Connecticut State University.

Also a director and writer and martial artist, White posted Friday that he will be launching Jaigantic Studios, described as Connecticut's first "mini-major" studio."...

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News Channel 8 WTNH


 "The price is right for the film industry in Connecticut where tax incentives are among the best anywhere. Now, a renowned actor is getting ready to launch the state’s first mini-major studio in New Haven.

Not only is Bridgeport’s Michael Jai White an accomplished actor, but he’s also a director and writer"...

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"Michael Jai White, whose work as an an actor, director and writer includes “Arrow,” “The Dark Knight,” “Spawn” and “Mortal Kombat: Legacy,” announced the launch of Jaigantic Studios, which will be Connecticut’s first mini-major studio."....

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