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Jaigantic Studios® is a supercharged Mini Major Entertainment Studio comprised of an award-winning core team of veterans who represent over 300 years of entertainment expertise and over 600 film and television titles generating billions in revenue for the industry.

The Jaigantic team is in the process of creating the world's largest virtual production hub and entertainment technology incubator.


In order to build a workforce for the film and entertainment industry, Jaigantic Studios will provide training and educational resources for underserved communities, and collaborate with workforce development agencies, community-based organizations, and academic institutions.

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Donovan DeBoer • CEO | Keith Shaw • CSO | Michael Jai White • President | Mayne Berke •  COO | Jackie Buster • CNO


Jaigantic Studios is dedicated to creating a sustainable future-forward, employee-owned digital media and motion picture film and television production hub that substantially stimulates the local and regional economy through fostering diverse local talent, on the job trade apprenticeship, entrepreneurship programs, emerging media, and technology training that generates thousands of high-income and lucrative careers in the industry.

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